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Sweet Dreams Desserts specializes in mini desserts. We offer cupcakes, cookies and more! We will deliver our freshly made mini desserts to your home or business or even cater your event.
Whether you just need to satisfy your sweet tooth or would like us to cater the dessert for your big event Sweet Dreams Desserts offer a variety of mini desserts that are sure to please most tastes.
Sweet Dreams Desserts also delivers balloon bouquets to your special someone.  Whether it's for a special occasion or just because, delivery of  a Sweet Dreams Balloon Bouquet will surely brighten their day.
Beautiful, unique packaging that adds to your overall enjoyment.

In The Beginning
The initial thought came to me one evening. I always like to have something sweet to eat in the evening, not necessarily right after dinner, more like close to bedtime.  So, one evening, feeling exhausted after working late, I was craving something sweet. I went to the pantry to see what my choices were and there were some store bought cookies that weren't very appealing, a couple packages of cookie dough mix, pudding mixes, gelatin mixes, etc. that I didn't feel like making and some chocolate flavored rice cereal. I said to myself "wouldn't it be great if I could order a freshly made dessert and have it delivered to me right now?".  That evening I believe I settled for the chocolate flavored rice cereal.  For many, many months I thought about the question I asked myself that evening.  I also thought I couldn't be the only person who craves sweets in the evening so maybe I could be the person who will deliver desserts in the evening. I just wasn't sure how. 
For the past 23 years I had worked in the medical financial field and was very good at it.  How could I possibly start a business?!?!  What did I know about that?  NOTHING!  Once a month on the first Friday of the month City Church of Charleston meets at the church for prayer. One evening while praying at one of the "First Friday Prayer" meetings God impressed upon me to quit my job and start this business. I felt so confident and such a peace about it during my prayer time.  But after my prayer time I began to worry about my bills, health insurance, how I don't have a clue how to open a business, etc. Even though I worried I never doubted that God spoke to me.  Since this was a first for me and I could tell some people didn't really believe me I asked God for confirmation. He was faithful to provide confirmation in multiple ways. So, in a leap of faith, I put in my notice and quit my job of 15 years and began learning how to make my idea a reality.
Along with learning about the business side of things I had to learn to create exceptional desserts.  My husband Tom & I have always loved to cook but only took the time a few times a year.  I loved to make desserts around the holidays.  My son Michael's favorite is my apple custard pie.  My daughter Holly can devour about 10 of my chocolate mini cupcakes without any frosting.  My grand baby Aaron prefers to have frosting on his while my grand baby Isaiah prefers to just eat the frosting off the top.  The #1 thing you should know about me is that I'm a perfectionist.  I'm extremely picky when it comes to my tastebuds.  Every recipe has to be the best.  I have personally approved every menu item by my tasting and having every person I could critique each item.  My oldest son Zach has been home with me through all my trial recipes so he has had to taste the bad along with the good.  He has been my biggest critic and is very thankful that the bad only lasted a very short time.
I hope you try one of my mini desserts and decide for yourself. 
Good Night, God Bless & Sweet Dreams,
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